Heading back to the gym? 10 Tips to get you ready

June 15, 2020
Blossom Family Chiropractic

Here are 10 tips to get you ready:

1. Get moving- if #iso time has set you into some different habits and exercise has been lower on the priority list, then GET MOVING. Start by going for light walks and slowly increasing the intensity, start by slowly integrating body weight squats and push ups to get the muscles pumping again. 

2.  Drink H2O- Start being vigilant with drinking plenty of water and start to prep meals and snacks for when the gym starts. Our hydration is important for exercising and once we start doing full work outs, our water needs increase, by starting the habits nows, you will be ready for when you resume pumping the iron.

3. Schedule- Whatever time of day you will be starting your gym workouts again, try and get up and moving at those times in the lead up to heading back to the gym. Not only will this condition your mind and body to know it is time to work out, it will also prep your body to get up and move for that early morning wake up (if thats the time you go). 

4. Set expectations - It is very likely that some areas of your fitness will have declined during this time and it is unrealistic to go back to the gym thinking you can perform to the level you were doing prior to #isolife. Set yourself tests to see what you are capable of and build from there. eg. start with lower weights or lower reps and slowly build to see where you baseline is.

5. Ask questions - you may have forgotten how to do an exercise or not sure where to start so you don’t injure yourself. Ask your trainers to guide you along the process, they will have a protocol in place to ensure you get back to exercising safely.

6. Get equipment ready - Gyms will look a little different going back, and each one will have their hygiene protocols to keep everyone safe. Check what they require and get them ready. Some gyms will require you to bring hand sanitiser, towels or gloves, check and have them ready in a bag for your first session.

7. Take a selfie- Iso bodies are a real thing and while we love them, it may be part of your goal to say goodbye to that lifestyle. Taking a picture of yourself before you start working out again can help you feel motivated and see where you started. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight or just feel vibrant again, snapping a selfie to mark the moment can help you stay focused and motivated. 

8. Get social- Tell you friends and family about your excitement and share on your socials. The pandemic has impacted  the fitness industry and gyms immensely and showing your support plus inviting people along can help improve their lives with fitness and your gyms ability to get back on their feet. 

9. Mindset - Taking care of your body is a combination of the mind, body and soul. Reflect on why you are doing this for yourself, set yourself a goal and be mindful of it every time you are about to step into the gym. If iso has taught us anything, it is to be grateful for the opportunity to be healthy, move our bodies and feel the human spirit in movement and flow. Be mentally ready to get yourself to the gym and allow your body to feel the blessing of exercise and motion.

10. Get checked by your Chiro- any niggles, pain or aches checked out now before the gym  regime starts. It is always a good idea to check in with your chiropractor before you start an exercise program, ensure your body and nervous system is aligned and ready to start lifting weights and pushing its limits. 

Yours in health, 
Dr Diana Pakzamir
Northcote Chiropractor

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