5 Steps On How To Have A Healthy Spine!

July 07, 2019
Dr Diana Pakzamir

Your spinal column is made up of 24 vertebra and intervertebral discs.

To have a healthy spine, you need healthy discs. A high percentage of people will have low back pain that is caused by a herniated or a bulging discs. Injury, ageing and the effects of gravity can all contribute to disc degeneration which can lead to them herniating or bulging at any stage of life.

Discs act as shock absorbers when you walk and increase the flexibility of your spinal column by bending forward or leaning backwards. Thus, keeping these discs healthy will prevent injury, pain and maintain your range of motion in the long term. Top research journals have recently discovered that movement and hydration are key factors to keeping your discs healthy


  1. Stay hydrated ~ Well hydrated discs can more easily adapt to movement and are less prone to injury, this requires adequate water intake and proper absorption. Keep a water bottle on you during the day, and gradually take sips to ensure sustained hydration.
  2. Movement ~ Getting checked by a chiropractor for regular a chiropractic adjustments may help pump the discs, this helps push nutrients into the discs and flush out inflammation and waste. Adjustments can help increase the motion through your spine, ensuring that discs can absorb nutrients and move smoothly.
  3. Exercise ~ Staying active between adjustments, daily exercise and stretching can help keep you fit, trim and it can potentially slow down the degenerative changes in your spine, keeping you healthy and active for many years to come. Focusing on your core muscles during exercise can help protect and strengthen your spine and its movement.
  4. Eat ~ A balanced diet that includes anti-inflammatory foods and vitamin D to keep your bones strong.
  5. Sleep ~ Consider buying a better, more supportive pillow and mattress or trying a new sleep position if you have trouble with your back in the mornings. Bring your pillow to your next chiropractic visit and get it checked to see if it is suitable for your bodies build.

    Yours in health,

Dr Diana Pakzamir Principal Chiropractor at Blossom Family Chiropractic

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