5 Tips To Look After Your Posture During The Colder Months

May 03, 2019
Dr Diana Pakzamir

During the cooler months, our posture can change in an attempt to keep warm! This may include hunching over, shoulders rolled forward and the neck falling forward.

Here are a few tips to help your body during those cool days:

  1. Keep your centre warm. The core of your body keeps a lot of warmth, help your body keep that heat by rugg-ing up using puffer jackets, vests, and layers!
  2. Exercise. Get your heart rate up and keep moving. The warmer you internally are, the less you hunch forward to warm up!
  3. Get adjusted. In the cold, we move differently, we sit more and the pressure on the spine can be greater. This can make sitting or standing up straighter more difficult or even painful! Get to your chiropractor and keep your spine moving well and happy
  4. Stretch. The muscles can tighten up during the cold, getting a good stretch can help them loosen up, keep warm and mobile. A great way to fit this in is by joining a yoga class or following along yoga routines on youtube
  5. Remind yourself to keep an upright posture. Sometimes we can go into default mode, in particular when we are uncomfortable and cold. Give yourself reminders to pull your shoulders back and keep the neck up through alerts or visual reminders such as a note on your computer. In time, this will become a habit!

    Yours in health,

Dr Diana Pakzamir
Chiropractor at Blossom Family Chiropractic

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