How to make your wellbeing goals stick

January 08, 2022
Blossom Family Chiropractic

January is known as a month of fresh starts and resolutions. However, all too often our new goals can seem too hard or we make them too vague to be attainable. One method we really encourage you to utilise as you manifest your best life is SMART Goals.

This is an easy system that enables you to make clear and manageable goals that empower you to make positive change in your daily life. Essentially this goal setting system focuses on the idea of creating goals that align with your purpose but are also easy to track:  






An example of a SMART goal is:I am going to meditate every morning for 5 minutes, I will track my meditation by marking it in the diary once I am done. This is specific because it identifies an action that will be taken, measurable because you are able to track it in your diary, attainable because it isn’t too long a period of time to start with, relevant because we all need more time to relax and the 5 minute timeline means that you are adding an element of timing. 

Our last suggestion is to use affirmative language like “I am” and “I will” so that you are subconsciously aware that this is something you will undertake.

These are great statements to take into your next NET session and see how congruent you are with each of them, we love using NET to clarify and cultivate useful goals. 

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