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Blossom Chiropractic Northcote Dr Diana Pakzamir

Dr Diana Pakzamir


Dr Diana enjoys a life of healthy living, being brought up in a health focused family ignited her passion for her studies in chiropractic. Being around Chiropractic and its associated wellness lifestyle from a young age, Diana has a wealth of knowledge in attaining optimum health for your body. She enjoys baking healthy recipes, focusing on fitness and further educating herself in ways to better serve the health of the community.

Chiropractor Credentials:

Blossom Chiropractic Northcote Jordan Elliot

Jordan Elliott

Chiropractic Assistant

Jordan is a 4th year chiropractic student at RMIT university. He has a strong passion for all things Chiropractic and how it allows the body to blossom both physically and emotionally.

He has an interest in sports, in particular soccer which he enjoys playing and in his spare time he enjoys going for a skate or visiting the many great cafes of Melbourne. (feel free to ask him for a recommendation)

He is the smiley one that welcomes you to our Northcote space and guides you through the initial process of your journey with Blossom Family Chiropractic

Metissa Ayria

Chiropractic Assistant

Metissa has a passion for all things healthy, taking care of people and making them feel at home in our practice.

She loves art, reading and writing. She plays the violin and spends her evenings practicing taekwondo.

She is the friendly face that welcomes you into Blossom Family Chiropractic, guides you through the forms and prepares the reception area.

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