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The chiropractic team at Blossom Family Chiropractic have been serving the community of Reservoir, Northcote, Preston, Ivanhoe, Brunswick and Thornbury for the past 4 years. Our professional team of chiropractors are experienced with relieving a problem (aches, pain, illness, dysfunction), correcting the underlying cause of a chronic health problem, preventing recurrence of a problem, to optimize their function as a part of their healthy lifestyle. All our chiropractors are qualified and have a passion to continue developing their skills through continued professional learning.

Our chiropractors are also trained in Neuro-Emotional technique (NET) to assist with the body's stress response and it is available to the Reservoir community in the High st, Northcote practice. Our chiropractors use both modern and traditional techniques of Applied kinesiology, Sacral occipital technique, Drop piece, manual adjustments and neuro-emotional technique and our approach is tailored to your individual needs and requests.

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Our approach to health is holistic and thorough, we focus on delivering clear information to you, to have the best experience and achieve your optimal health potential. To book an appointment with our amazing chiropractors - Book online today via our online booking system or call 03 8582 6902

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Dr Diana Pakzamir (Chiropractor)

Dr Giacinta Spadaro (Chiropractor)

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