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Welcome to our Thornbury page for Blossom Family Chiropractic. Located 2 minutes away from the heart of Thornbury, our chiropractors are here to serve you. Our team of chiropractors are trusted by the local Thornbury and Northcote community for providing high quality, holistic chiropractic care. With many years of clinical experience, our team is here to help you through your health journey.

Originally starting our practice on Victoria Rd, Thornbury, we relocated to 406 High St, Northcote in 2018 and are available to the Thornbury community 5 days a week. To make an appointment, we use a simple and easy online booking system that can be accessed any time for your convenience.

Our chiropractors provide excellent, researched based and experienced chiropractic care techniques to the residents of Thornbury and surrounding suburbs. We have a special interest in family wellness care, pregnancy, headaches, migraines and prevention of injury care with advice of posture, lifestyle and rehabilitation. We also support with the recovery from sports injuries as well as other common issues such as neck pain.

Thornbury is located in the city of Darebin and has a thriving community. Many of the clients that present to our space express their delight in the environment and facilities that assist in the recovery and healing journey.

High St, Thornbury is a long street that extends through the suburbs of Preston, Thornbury, Northcote and Westgarth, all within minutes of Blossom Family Chiropractic.

Our family based chiropractors work with Thornbury families from newborn, children to adults. Each person receives a tailored care plan for their specific needs, and they use multiple techniques to suit their individual body, from gentle to higher velocity treatments.

How can we help through pregnancy?

In the months of pregnancy, lower back pain and posterior pelvic pain may occur and can be extremely uncomfortable for pregnant women to do simple tasks such as sitting, standing, bending or listing as it can intensify the pain. Pelvic pain that may occur is deep pain that is felt below and to the side of the stomach and to the coccyx. It can also be associated with pubic pain.

Chiropractic treatment may be helpful in providing relief from the pain that can occur during pregnancy. The treatment is modified to the stages of pregnancy. We use gentle techniques to help the body improve spinal function to provide more ease and comfort during the entire pregnancy.

We have specially designed pillow and equipment to accommodate the growing pregnant belly during the sessions.

Talk to us about how we can provide more comfort during your pregnancy

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Dr Diana Pakzamir


Dr Diana enjoys a life of healthy living, being brought up in a health focused family ignited her passion for her studies in chiropractic. Being around Chiropractic and its associated wellness lifestyle from a young age, Diana has a wealth of knowledge in attaining optimum health for your body. She enjoys baking healthy recipes, focusing on fitness and further educating herself in ways to better serve the health of the community.

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