Back Pain

Back pain can be very frustrating in your life. Waking up feeling sore or not being able to move well due to the pain. We see many cases where lower back pain is impeding every day activities and may be able to help.

Overview of back pain:

Back pain can be caused by abnormal spinal function or damage to the joints, and spinal degeneration. Often the symptoms may start off as a slight aching but progress to more sharp, constant pain or intense pain on movement.
Chiropractic care has been found to significantly improve lower back pain and help to reduce the chance of future episodes of pain.


Sciatica is a common finding with is associated with lower back pain. At Blossom, we assess the spine, lower back and legs to determine the cause and treat to alleviate the pain.

Overview of sciatica:

Sciatica is pain that is felt along the lower back and hips, buttock and back of the leg. It can cause tingling and numbness, and at times shooting pain to the feet. The sciatic nerve is a combination of nerves that come together to supply the lower back, to the back of the leg and can be put under stress when there is abnormal pressure put on it.

It is now known that the root of sciatic pain stems from more than just the lower back and the stretch through the spinal cord from any region of the body can put pressure on that nerve.

At Blossom we assess the lower back and other related regions to take the pressure of the nerve so you can get back to living life pain free. Book online today.

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