Poor Posture

Our posture is key to maintaining proper spinal function. At Blossom, we care about ensuring your body is holding well and ensuring that the spine is moving well so that you can sit, stand and walk straight.

The impact of posture

Posture has a direct impact on the pressure and stress on the spine. Poor posture can cause:

However when assessing posture, it may not be as simple as sitting upright. When there is dysfunction in the spine, it can be difficult to uphold the proper posture for long periods and the body will fatigue and start curling forward. The shoulders are rounded forward, the neck then follows and then eventually slouching over and it becomes painful to straighten up again.

With chiropractic care at Blossom, we assess and correct the areas of dysfunction to then allow your body to hold good posture with pain-free ease.

Poor posture can contribute to many body pains.

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