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Our chiropractors offer reliable and quality pregnancy services to our Northcote, Thornbury and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne. 

During pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of changes, and with that there is increased stress put on the spine, muscles and ligaments. Many expectant mothers present to our Northcote practice with back pain or strain, and neck pain throughout their pregnancy.

Chiropractic and pregnancy

In the months of pregnancy, lower back pain and posterior pelvic pain may occur and can be extremely uncomfortable for pregnant women to do simple tasks such as sitting, standing, bending or listing as it can intensify the pain. Pelvic pain that may occur is deep pain that is felt below and to the side of the stomach and to the coccyx. It can also be associated with pubic pain.

Chiropractic treatment may be helpful in providing relief from the pain that can occur during pregnancy. The treatment is modified to the stages of pregnancy. We use gentle techniques to help the body improve spinal function and make adjustments to your posture to provide more ease and comfort during the entire pregnancy.

We have specially designed pillow and equipment to accommodate the growing pregnant belly during the sessions.

Talk to us about how our chiropractic care can provide more comfort during your pregnancy.

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