Neuro Emotional Technique For Stress

April 03, 2020
Dr Diana Pakzamir


NET is used by to help physical and emotional problems that have an associated stress component. Stress can definitely be a factor in acute pain situations, and it is also often a factor into chronic pain patterns and hard-to-resolve conditions.

To address the many possible factors that can influence health, we will use a Home Run Formula model as a way of generally categorising areas that may need to be addressed.

1st base - Emotional/stress
2nd base - Toxic influences
3rd base - Nutritional needs
4th base - Physical/structure

We know any problem can include multiple factors from any of the other bases, and it is important to address all factors related to one’s health to reach our optimum health potential.

We will often start with a 4th base (Physical/structure) approach and then check 1st base (Emotional/stress) when a stress-related component is suspected to be a factor. Of course, 2nd base (Toxic factors) can influence how we think and feel, and 3rd base (Nutrition) is clearly an essential piece for balanced mind and body health.   

NET may help find underlying causes to pain or symptoms that are rooted from emotions. If you think this may be useful for you, please ask us any questions at your next appointment 

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