5 Common Posture Problems To Look Out For In You And Your Kids And How To Fix Them

January 02, 2020
Dr Diana Pakzamir

With the school year just about to begin, it might be time to look at your child’s posture and how they are conducting their every day activities. It has become more common to see children complaining of headaches, neck and back pain, could this be the cause?

Proper posture can impact quality of life, injuries and mental state. Here are some common things to look out for:

Number 1. Forward pelvic tilt: look at your child from their profile/side angle, look if their arching their back or are slumped forward. This may lead to back pain or hip pain.

Number 2. Forward head carriage: look at your child from the side/profile and draw a mental line from their ear lobe to the shoulder, it should be aligned right over the shoulder, if it is forward, they may be forward head posture. This could lead to headaches, neck pain and back pain.

Number 3. Hunch back: look at your child from their side/profile and see if their back is rounded and leaning forwards. This may lead to upper back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain.

Number 4. Rounded shoulders: perform the ‘pencil test’. Ask your child to stand straight on to you and to hold a pencil in each hand, observe if the pencil is being held with the point towards you or at an angle. If it is on an angle, then they may have rounded shoulders. This may lead to pain in the shoulders, neck or back.

Number 5. Hips are uneven: Stand behind your child, and put both hands on each hip, observe to see if they are level. Some indications of this may be they are always leaning on one side while standing, sitting with leg crossed or with one leg under them. This may be the cause of back pain, knee or leg pain.

If you have identified any of the above postural changes, it may be time to make some adjustments to every day activities that may be affecting your posture.

Number 1. Teach good posture and be the example- make it a point of conversation, and show them how to sit up straight.

Number 2. Praise each other- positive reinforcement will help with reminding and sustaining the better posture.

Number 3. Use visual cues- set an object to be the remind, eg: every time you see a post box, you remember your posture.

Number 4. See a chiropractor- sometimes that cause of the postural issues is coming from the spine and it is difficult to sit/stand straight upright with proper posture due to the discomfort that is felt, this is a big light to see your chiropractor, get checked, get adjusted and continue with your daily habits

Number 5. Physical activity- get active, strengthening up your muscles, in particular the muscles of your back, is key to maintaining good posture. Engaging in sports, gym, pilates or yoga can greatly help with your posture. Some great places to look into in the community is KX pilates , Yoga, Alter ego gym or get an amazing personal trainer like Elissa Jewell

If you are looking for further advice regarding posture, want to get yours or your children’s checked, feel free to contact us or book an appointment online.

I have worked with many adults and children to improve their posture and well being. Blossom can help you achieve better posture and greater health!

Yours in health,

Dr Diana Pakzamir
Principal Chiropractor at Blossom Family Chiropractic

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